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The Continental Athletic Club is pleased to make these complimentary health enhancement solutions available to all Continental Towers tenant employees. These wellbeing initiatives may be delivered on site in your office as an added employee benefit at no additional cost to you: 

Biometric Health Screenings


Our team of fitness coaches are available for biometric health and wellbeing screenings, which include blood

pressure and body composition. High blood pressure usually has no symptoms and cannot be detected without being measured. When left undetected, high blood pressure greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. In

addition, weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health, because it does not distinguish between body fat and

lean body mass or muscle. Body composition screenings inform participants about their total health. These

screenings may be offered onsite in your office on a quarterly basis, for up to two hours at a time.


Mini Health Fairs


Health and wellbeing information from local vendors, biometric screenings, healthy snack samplings and

mini-massages may be coordinated for a fun and educational mini health fair. With a minimum of one month’s

notice your mini Health Fair will be customized to suit your needs, the availability of individual services may vary

for your date and time.


Coach Q&A Lunch & Learns


A Coach will conduct a quarterly 30-minute wellbeing presentation onsite in the office to educate your employees

on health topics chosen from their interest surveys. The expert Coach will present information on the selected

topic, and then answer live questions.


Stretch Break


A Coach will provide an afternoon break with a 10-minute stretch right in your office or meeting room to open up

tight muscles and joints, improve posture and reduce stress.


High Chi/Go with the Flow


A Coach will lead your team or meeting group through a 15-minute gentle exercise session designed to boost oxygen

uptake and blood flow for better productivity and wellbeing.


Mindfulness Minute

Designed specifically for the corporate office setting, a Coach will guide your participants through a 10-minute

mindfulness session to focus the breath and intention, which will relax and renew both mind and body.

To schedule any of the above wellness solutions for your employees, please contact Asther Kim at 847.981.7777 or

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